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07 agosto

«Knowledge of Languages is the doorway to wisdom.»  (Roger Bacon)



To provide foreigner pupils, preferably university students, who are interested in learning Spanish language and getting acquainted with the culture of Peru; a time of interaction with a Peruvian family and an opportunity to prepare in the Spanish language through the system of Total Immersion. At the same time to allow the visitor to enjoy the historical and cultural alternatives that Peru offers to guests.


To offer foreign students the opportunity to take international exams in the Spanish language after a period of preparation according to the regulations set up by the Instituto Cervantes, in addition to a time of familiarization with the rich historical-cultural context of Peru.


  1. Hosting

The program gives the participant the opportunity of practicing the language in a family environment where everyone will speak Spanish with him/her.

The program offers participants accommodation and homemade food in a house located in the district of Miraflores, a tourist area of Lima, near the Pacific Ocean and with access to major attractions.

The accommodation includes a room for resting with independent access and shared bathroom, which has the following services:

  • Access to Wi-Fi
  • Bedding and bath towels
  • Changing bedding and deep room cleaning once a week
  • Washing and drying clothes once a week
  • Two meals a day from Monday to Sunday
  • Access to study and social areas of the house


    B. Spanish Courses

All our Spanish courses are customized; they combine many cultural activities and excursions that will help the participant to speak Spanish always.

The total number of academic hours of personalized “one by one” lessons per week is eighteen (18).

Through the Total Immersion method, the program offers three hours of daily learning sessions Monday through Friday in the permanent classroom of “Asesoría Educativa” (AE).

The classes are dictated by specialists of AE following the guidelines of the curricular Plan of the Instituto Cervantes, aiming for reaching the number of hours necessary to be able to access to the necessary level of the international examinations.

The personalized classes are divided into 9 theoretical hours and 6 practical hours within the classroom. In addition to a weekly visit of approximately 3 hours to a cultural/historical place that allows the participant to exercise the Spanish language in an open context.

The educational material and weekly visits are included in the cost of the program.

There will also be access to reference books and simulated tests to improve the student´s production.


    C. Historical-cultural alternatives

Touring the streets of Lima and various places in Peru, it will be inevitable to practice the language so that speaking Spanish will become very natural.

In addition, the participant will be given with the necessary advice so that he/she can enjoy the different historical and cultural attractions offered by the city of Lima and nearby areas of Peru.

The participant will be able to take advantage of his free time by visiting the surroundings of Miraflores, the rest of the city of Lima or making trips to the interior of the country according to his/her interests and conveniences in coordination with the program.

The cost of the tours and visits are not included.



  • Accommodation: US $600.00
  • Spanish classes: US$ 1, 440.00 for 72 hours per month
  • Historical and cultural alternatives: it depends on the participant’s interests.

Program Cost per month: US $2,040.00